And then there were two...

...good things. Or rather, three.

In any case, the week's Going Well level keeps rising (see last post).

This photo of Steve Geck and Dominique Raccah arrived in my inbox just hours after an email from Sourcebooks Jabberwocky's publicist, Derry Wilkens, which contained some lovely reviews to warm one's heart on that cold, nearly-last-day-of-winter.

After sighing at the thought that my little bird was in Bologna without me this year, I looked again at this photo, and got beyond the three handsome faces at the top of the page (well... two handsome faces, plus a funny little one - but he's my baby, so... you know)...

...and I laughed out loud when I saw the lineup along the counter:

EMBRACE - a funny little bird - SCORCHED

ha! ha! That's one way of getting oneself noticed!

p.s. The reviews that Derry sent included those by Publisher's Weekly, Shelf Awareness, School Library Journal, Kirkus Reviews [a starred review!] and Working Mother magazine.