STRAPAZIN 09.2013 Fernsehserien

ha-HA! Just arrived in my mailbox : the September 2013 edition of STRAPAZIN // Fernsehserien! Full of about 170 different illustrators' takes on the series we watched as children. 

And on page 10... A bit of Batman and Robin by yours truly. 

Starting with the cover, one of the most beautiful STRAPAZINs I've seen to date (and this is saying alot—but has nothing to do with my being in there—honestly), and probably THE most hilarious! 

Many thanks to David Basler, for having included me in this adventure!

The original text, in English:
- We're in a pickle this time, Robin!
- Holy curdled condiments, Batman!
  Which kind?! Sweet?! Or sour?!
- Pedantry is not called for in times of life or death, Robin!
- Hot pastrami, Batman! 
  What does pedantry have to do with pickles?!
- Help me gain access to my bat-time transporter, Robin!
  This conversation didn't get off to a good start!
- Holy change of subject, Batman!
  You're worse than the Riddler!